The Beast of Heartbreak Ridge

Free Speech? Nah. It’s all a lie. The Great Beast is finally showing it’s true evil and cunning.

It has utilized the “Chosen People” to implement the final solution against the Goy. The power they were promised will never be delivered because the Beast’s ultimate goal is to kill all humankind.

In my delusion I think that I can make funny memes and “fight back.” Seeing the truth, is futile.

Shit Lording is the only fun I have…To look at the hypocrisy and laugh as the world they created with their Babylonian money magik finally crushes us all.

People laugh at my country and deride the great historical figures that made it into something worth saving. Smug little Marxists and the rest NPC’s asleep and looking for acceptance; willing to do anything to get it.

Too little too late…Der Führer was right and he was betrayed from the inside and out. What is different now?

This is the question I ask myself as I round the last bend to arrive at Heartbreak Ridge.

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