Burn Down City Hall REDUX

grindall61 On This weeks’ episode of BURN DOWN CITY HALL…check the fun starting at 02:40. This is a great of example of PLANTATION POLITICS in action… SPECIAL THANKS TO GRINDALL61


This Race Baiting Hustler has been Pimpin’ her way through LA for the last 40 years; turning out as many HOs as possible…get ’em on the track and get ’em voting..Illegals are great too. If you don’t think the APOCALYPSE IS NOW, you’ve got another thing coming… SPECIAL THANKS: DEPLORABLE MCCALLISTER

Burn Down City Episode 6

DESTROY THE POVERTY PIMP…OMAR NAVARRO 43RD DISTRICT… Billboard Pops Up On Busy California Highway Overnight, 4 Words Make Maxine Waters PANIC