I'd Rather Go Blind
Dropping 06/01/2018 Blackout featuring Brother Mike Malone on Vocals. Everyone said it couldn’t be done. Everyone said they were GHETTO; well at least they got the second part right! Another time capsule recording of the iconic Etta James classic with Brother Mike at the helm. How do you like us now BLUES NAZIS???






A revolutionary Change must be made forcibly.
There is no negotiating with the Established Order.
Perfect timing is essential.
Let the abuse of power become apparent and oppressive to those around you before making your move.
Lay the groundwork, sow the seeds for Revolution without tipping your hand prematurely.
You will need a strong foundation, because you will have to bring about this necessary change alone.
You cannot count on popular support, so you must wait until there is massive dissent.
Then the avenue for your assault will be cleared.




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